‪TechbloxModdingAPI  ‪v2.2.0
‪The unofficial Techblox modding API
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 C‪Block‪A single (perhaps scaled) block. Properties may return default values if the block is removed and then setting them is ignored. For specific block type operations, use the specialised block classes in the TechbloxModdingAPI.Blocks namespace
 C‪BlockGroup‪A group of blocks that can be selected together. The placed version of blueprints. Dispose after usage
 C‪Blueprint‪Represents a blueprint in the inventory. When placed it becomes a block group
 C‪Cluster‪Represnts a cluster of blocks in time running mode, meaning blocks that are connected either directly or via joints. Only exists if a cluster destruction manager is present. Static blocks like grass and dirt aren't part of a cluster
 C‪Main‪The main class of the TechbloxModdingAPI. Use this to initialize the API before calling it
 C‪Player‪An in-game player character. Any Leo you see is a player
 C‪SimBody‪A rigid body (like a chunk of connected blocks) during simulation